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The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries is the representative body for the mortgage and protection advice profession. Through our corporate membership, over 80% of all brokers belong to AMI and we represent their interests with policy makers, politicians and regulators here and across Europe. It is our mission to deliver a better business environment to our members and we work with consumer groups, the media, providers and other industry bodies to deliver this objective.

AMI’s membership covers all types of firms from the largest networks through to sole practitioners. We have relationships with broker firms across the country.

Members look to us to help them survive in a competitive market by offering regulatory support and representation, research, business support, good practice guides, member events, and early warning on key business and regulatory proposals.

Because of our independent, non-commercialised stand point we are well suited to identifying opportunities and support to our members. To them we are a trusted source and we often achieve greater impact with communications as a result of this.

Critical in the modern world is for the industry to develop areas of common interest. AMI increasingly works with CML, BSA, IMLA, BBA and FLA to deliver agreed positions for common good. At the forefront of our mind at all times is to act in the best interests of the consumer.

Over 70% of AMI’s income is derived from its voting membership, with lenders and support services companies aiding our work by contributing 25%, with 5% from Dinners and Conferences.

As we have emerged from the Great Recession, AMI is been at the forefront of the debates over the new controls and regulation to be applied to the industry. The FCA’s Mortgage Market Review and the European Unions Mortgage Credit Directive have both been significantly influenced by opinions from AMI.

Mortgage intermediaries have continued to deliver outstanding service to their customers in sourcing the most appropriate mortgages available in the market. At the same time they have been increasingly providing valuable advice on how to protect their loved ones from the risks of death, critical illness, sickness or unemployment. Good intermediaries continue to provide excellent value to their customers.

Within the UK we have been looking at how we can deliver a mortgage industry that is more sustainable for both lenders and customers. As the market now continue to grow to the “new normal”, with intermediaries taking a larger slice of the pie, we are looking to recruitment and training as new needs for the industry.

AMI will continue to work alongside its European trade body partner BIPAR to promote the interest of the intermediary. These are strong links forged over the last few years and we will continue to lead the debate on behalf of intermediaries across Europe.

Keeping a vibrant housing market in the UK, underpinned by the variety of advice and options offered by intermediaries, is an asset that has served our wider economy well up to now and needs to be nurtured. AMI is ready to provide advice and support when called upon.

This is what an effective trade body is there to do; to deliver a better business environment for its members.

The AMI team continue to work with all the major lenders to ensure that an intermediary offering is still core to their approach.

We work with consumer groups to ensure that we are aware of the issues that are driving them and ensure appropriate solutions.

We work with all regulators to ensure they appreciate the benefits of the intermediary model.

The route ahead will remain challenging, but the AMI Board and team are ready for the task ahead.


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