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AFBTransparentWebsiteLogoIt is all too easy to focus on business and clients and be oblivious to a changing market place and regulatory climate.

Second charge regulation has moved from the OFT to the FCA. Further to this, European regulation will move the second charge industry out of the consumer credit regime and into the full FCA mortgage regime.

Your industry is evolving rapidly, increased scrutiny from FCA , European legislation, the lender-distributor relationship, service levels, technological advances, government interventionist practices, access to information via the internet, the UK’s growing compensation culture – all have an impact on your business and how your client perceives you and the value of your advice.

If you are to continue to develop your business with a promising future, it is important that you understand the issues.

With AFB providing independent information for you to form your opinions, unbiased towards a particular product or company, you can be informed and stay ahead of change to ensure you thrive