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Oct 18 – The pressure for tech?

The Mortgages Market Study has a significant focus on technology and innovation.  In trying to

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Oct 18 – Crucial times

Introduction I am returning to the subject of the FCA’s Mortgages Market Study once again

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Sep 2018 – The new prison breaks

The Sunday Times recently wrote a scathing attack on the impact of Help to Buy

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Sep 2018 – Financial Crime

As the techniques used to carry out financial crime continue to advance, firms should be

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Aug 18 – The risks of robo

With robo-advice still in its infancy in the mortgage sector, but many firms claiming to

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Aug 18 – Fuel on the flames

Firms will now be receiving their final FCA invoices for the year 2018/19.  By far

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Aug 18 – Better mortgages?

Introduction After a period of reflection over the FCA’s Mortgages Market Study, the good news

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Jul 18 – Set them free

Following my article last month on the significant work undertaken by the FCA which is

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Jul 18 – No free lunch here

The FCA announced its fourth cohort of firms who have been approved to enjoy the

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Jul 18 – Housing still broken

The number of new housing starts were flat in 2017, according to finalised figures from

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