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Apr 21 – A bit too close to the edge?

I have been hearing a new clamour from the world of Equity Release that consumers

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Apr 21 – Still no new clothes

For too long we have been aware of the issues facing existing property owners where

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Mar 21 – Fair Value for Money

Under the Financial Guidance and Claims Act 2018, Parliament transferred the regulation of Claims Management

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Mar 21 – Tech for Tech’s sake

Press headlines get me intrigued, motivated, disappointed but sometimes genuinely challenged.  “Big, dumb mortgage products”

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Mar 21 – Doing Enough?

As a white male who has enjoyed the privilege of a university education, bank employment

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Feb 21 – Bailey’s grand defence

Why did I watch Andrew Bailey appear before the Treasury Select Committee?  Because he was

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Feb 21 – A new regulatory worry

It was early November 2020 that Caroline Wayman, Chief Executive and Chief Ombudsman at the

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Feb 21 – Doomed by failure

The FSCS has set its funding requirement for 2021/22 with the total amount to be

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Jan 21 – The Green Deal

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is not one which readily trips

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Jan 21 – A new shiny FCA

The Treasury is currently consulting on the future financial services regulatory framework.  This is our

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