Tackling barriers: The Protection Gap

AMI Senior Policy Adviser Stacy Penn discusses the Perception Gap in the protection market, in this article originally published in Moneyfacts…

The FCA in the insurance space – a more assertive regulator?

Following introduction of Consumer Duty, we have seen signs the FCA is shifting towards becoming a more assertive regulator…

The Perception Gap

AMI Senior Policy Adviser Stacy Penn discusses the findings from AMI’s latest Protection Viewpoint – The Perception Gap, in this article written for TMA Club…

Consumer Duty: The next steps – what does 2024 have in store?

On 6th December 2023, the FCA hosted a webinar titled Consumer Duty: The next steps – we draw out the key points of relevance to mortgage intermediary firms…

Your January update from AMI Chief Executive Robert Sinclair

AMI Chief Executive Robert Sinclair gives his January update, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of the year ahead…

Deadline reminder for approvers of financial promotions for unauthorised persons

An important update from the FCA on the 6th February deadline for approving financial promotions for unauthorised persons…

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Flexible working changes employers need to know about


Employers need to be aware of a likely change in the law around the future of flexible working following the government’s response to its Making flexible working the default consultation.

Currently, employees with 26 weeks’ continuous service have a statutory right to request flexible working, to which employers have three months to respond. The proposed change will give employees the right to request flexible working from day one, and employers will have a reduced response time of two months.

Whilst employers will not be obliged to grant these requests, they will be required to consult with their employees and explore alternative arrangements before rejecting any request out of hand. Flexible working includes remote work but encompasses a variety of arrangements – including compressed, annualised or staggered hours, job-sharing, and flexitime – so employers need to be familiar with the options so they can engage meaningfully with employees when requests are made.

This forms part of a wider set of measures as set out in the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill. The Bill is currently awaiting a second reading in the House of Lords so may not become law until later this year. However, the right to request flexible working from day one will be enacted through secondary legislation so is likely to come into force more quickly.


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